Letter to the Earth

Dear Earth, dear mother nature, dear life

It is another day which I am thankful for. The weather is, as it always now seems to be, different for the time of year. Too hot, too cold, too wet. I live in England. The weather does not affect us too much really. We do not have forest fires, floods, droughts, …

In fact, the only way we know of these is through selective media. One outlet is constant with the climate emergency, another outlet says very little – it’s all about the economy, and money. I have to go out of my way to find out that climate change is a bigger threat to us than covid-19, that people are dying from climate change, that our planet is still heading towards permanent damage from humanity. It still is not headline news for which many people need to be sorry for.

I am just an individual, with some friends and family who share my views on the environment. Maybe I cannot do much on the global scale but if there is one thing I have learnt as a parent and a school teacher, it is that you have to talk to others about what is happening. There is no one correct view of the world. People disagree. Accept the diversity and difference of opinion. Talk about what you believe about the world. It starts the conversation, and may inform others of a lot more.

So we share what we do, how we can all help. I write a blog with occasional help: https://mydaughtersearth.org/. It really is my daughters Earth. All we can do is our best for the future generation. I help where I can with the Extinction Rebellion. I also help where I can with the local Green Party. I talk about the environment at school and read extracts from ‘Letters to the Earth’. Hopefully some acorns can become oaks.

There are still so many problems that many people (dare I say ‘The West’) are not addressing, mass consumerism being right up there. As long as we have our technology, our clothes and our shopping delivered with plastic, then we will be ok if we recycle a bit. But it’s not ok. Let’s get the next conversation going.