About us

My Daughters’ Earth

Welcome to our website. Over the last years we have become more and more interested in the environment, sustainable living and climate change.

These issues are now becoming the most important item on our agendas and we are looking to explore how we can do our bit.



I have always had an interest in the environment and being green, even though it was not really the done thing when I was young. When asked out features of buying a car in A Level Geography I suggested ‘fuel economy’ and got laughed at. My suggestion on an electric car back then (1990s) would have maybe ejected me from the lesson!

I met many like minded individuals in life and we all like to recycle and so on (even though it is not new) but we want to help make the bigger differences. There are many causes we have joined but ultimately we know that everyone needs to be on board for the future generations.



At the age of 5 I was interested in our planet and what we could do for it. I thought nobody cared until I found out about green peace, the world wildlife fund, The Green Party and Anglian Water. WWF cares about our animals. Anglian water cares about our habitat and they even came to my school. Green Party cares about us and Greenpeace cares about nature!

How I got interested: I was bored in life so I turned on the TV. The news came on so I decided to watch it. It was talking about fires in the world for a bit and then they were talking about our planet and how we can make a difference!