Save washing – do not wash your jeans

I first heard about not washing your jeans 15 months ago. It went through my mind and I didn’t think about it at first.

Recalling what happened there was an article on the BBC website about the CEO of Levi’s having never washed his jeans. I skim read it, found it interesting and left it at that.

Then I starting talking to other people about it. If the CEO of Levi’s does not wash his jeans, then why should we? What do we gain from it? We harm the environment with chemicals and washing liquid, when our clothes are not really that dirty.

So I started using one of the jean tips – put them in the freezer! Hunting around the web, there are lots of articles about it, maybe the best one here:

I cannot find the BBC one, but it doesn’t matter too much. Wherever you are you can help with similar, whether it is airing clothes or (if you live in a rainy part of the world like us) put them in the freezer.

I have washed my Levis 3 times in the last year, mainly due to them getting actually dirty rather than just worn. They have that stiff feeling when putting them on and take a few wears to feel nice.

Mostly, I wear my Levi’s for a week and they can have 12 hours to 48 hours in the freezer. I do not know the science really but after airing for 5 minutes they feel amazing! They are soft and fresh and the best thing you could ever wear.

Friends and family have started doing similar and extended this to t shirts, jumpers and all sorts! Just please make sure you still wash your underwear! I think we will end up cutting down on 12 plus washes a year due to this alone – about 1 a month. Good for the environment and great for your jeans! Jon



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